Cutting-edge technology gives the lead
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In our very rapidly developing society, it is tremendously important to LGTB to be to the fore in new technologies.
Our technological lead is the result of a combination of factors:

  • Intensive collaboration with universities
    By collaborating intensively with different universities, we are able to use complex new technologies as measuring equipment – to analyse your needs correctly and thoroughly and find the true cause of any problems.

  • Access to process supplier R&D centres
    The fact that we also have access to our process suppliers’ central R&D centres is an extra guarantee for a proper understanding of the latest processes and developments – and thus of sound advice on the correct solutions that you need

  • Training, education and coaching
    LGTB is a learning organisation. Every day we re-innovate our processes and production techniques. Every day we pay new attention to training, education and coaching our staff.

  • Own machines
    And finally, LGTB develops its own machines with complete, ultra-modern automation in mind. The man-machine interaction gives you a substantial guarantee of dependable top quality.

    With this synergy of knowledge, art and equipment, LGTB has mastery of all the elements of production and uses the most modern techniques. We are therefore able to find fast and flexible solutions to your wants.

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