Cataphoretic Coating
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In cataphoretic painting, a water-based paint is used with a DC voltage to deposit the paint particles on the object to be treated.
This painting technique is outstanding for its low cost and is distinguished by excellent spreading and hence evenness of the coating. In addition the paint layer can readily be overcoated with other types of paint.

A three-stage degreasing process, followed by activation and triple cation phosphating and finally passivation, guarantee optimum adhesion and corrosion resistance. Add the KTL paint and you get top quality.

Exclusive to LGTB
We apply our KTL treatments to objects of up to 1,000 kg apiece. The greater thickness of the material with which our KTL technique may be used (up to 20 mm) is a unique advantage.

In addition, the coating thickness can be adjusted between 8 and 50 µm.

Complies with the ELV Directive
LGTB’s KTL technology is one of the environmentally friendliest in the world. It fully complies with the European Commission’s ELV (End Of Life Vehicles) Directive for the recyclability of cars.

Processing options
  • Product dimensions: 2,750 x 1,300 x 630 mm
  • Coating thicknesses from 8 to 50 µm
  • Material thicknesses up to 20 mm

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