Electrolytic galvanisation
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Electrolytic galvanising is a technique that we use mainly to protect steel against corrosion: zinc, as a base metal, is sacrificed to protect steel components. In addition, LGTB is able to apply zinc galvanitically in various ways, both in immersion baths and in drums. With zinc you are going for a relatively inexpensive surface treatment.

Passivation method
When zinc deposits are exposed to the atmosphere they become dull. With appropriate passivation methods the zinc retains its shine and decorative effect for a long time.

Every possible coating thickness
We generally galvanise electrolytically with coating thicknesses of around 5 µm (dry, indoors) to 25 µm (corrosive conditions, outdoors). Greater coating thicknesses are technically possible but are generally economically insentient.

Besides traditional processing, LGTB also offers solutions that conform with the ELV Directive (Cr6+ free). For thermoshock applications, LGTB has developed a modified process that combines excellent corrosion resistance with exceptional environmental friendliness.
This treatment may be done by using both rack and drum processing.


  • Automotive: to enhance the corrosion resistance and appearance of various components

  • Construction: to increase corrosion resistance and as a base coat for powder coating

  • Interior: to increase the aesthetic value

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